David Nocca

Spécialiste en chirurgie générale, digestive et bariatrique au CHU de Montpellier. Ambassadeur international de la chirurgie bariatrique. Président de la Ligue contre l’obésité.

David Nocca



Participant is awarded 0.1 CEUs, or 1 contact hours, in Category C according to the guidelines set forth by the National Strength and Conditioning Association.


    1. Presentation Dr David Nocca

    2. Recommendation

    1. Posture and balance

    2. Disassociation of (Pelvic and Shoulder) Girdles

    3. Peripheral Strengthening of Anterior Chains

    4. Everyday Functional Engagement

    5. Summary

    1. Vestibular Sense (Inner Ear Balance) Disassociation

    2. Functional Disassociation of (Pelvic and Shoulder) Girdles

    3. Amplified (Pelvic and Shoulder) Girdle Derotation

    4. Functional Over-engagement of Crossed Chains

    5. Summary

    1. Chain Reaction Strengthening of Quadriceps

    2. Cardiovascular Exertion

    3. Shifting of Bodyweigh

    4. Summary

    1. Twin Task Engagement

    2. Segmental Disassociation

    3. Contraction Release

    1. Summary

    2. Waff Course Assessments

    3. Assessments: Level One Obesity/General Fitness

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