David Nocca

Spécialiste en chirurgie générale, digestive et bariatrique au CHU de Montpellier. Ambassadeur international de la chirurgie bariatrique. Président de la Ligue contre l’obésité.

David Nocca



  • 01


    • Presentation Dr David Nocca

    • Recommendation

  • 02

    Perceiving the body in space

    • Posture and balance

    • Disassociation of (Pelvic and Shoulder) Girdles

    • Peripheral Strengthening of Anterior Chains

    • Everyday Functional Engagement

    • Summary

  • 03

    Oxygenation for renewed vitality

    • Vestibular Sense (Inner Ear Balance) Disassociation

    • Functional Disassociation of (Pelvic and Shoulder) Girdles

    • Amplified (Pelvic and Shoulder) Girdle Derotation

    • Functional Over-engagement of Crossed Chains

    • Summary

  • 04

    Muscle at the heart of the action

    • Chain Reaction Strengthening of Quadriceps

    • Cardiovascular Exertion

    • Shifting of Bodyweigh

    • Summary

  • 05

    Functional physical activity

    • Twin Task Engagement

    • Segmental Disassociation

    • Contraction Release

    • Summary

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