Maxime Verbert

Masseur Kinésithérapeute DE Kinésithérapeute du sport (SFMKS) DESS “ingénieurie de la préparation physique” Ostéopathe DO Master 2 Science de l’éducation DU prise en charge du patient obèse

Maxime Verbert

Masseur Kinésithérapeute DE


Participant is awarded 0.1 CEUs, or 1 contact hours, in Category C according to the guidelines set forth by the National Strength and Conditioning Association.


    1. Introduction Maxime Verbert

    2. Recommendation

    1. Summary

    2. Core Stability – No Load

    3. Progressive and Dynamic Stabilization of Core

    4. Core stability – With Reintroduction of Weight-bearing

    5. Dynamic Core stability

    1. Summary

    2. Sharpening of Perceptions and Posture

    3. Suspension of posterior muscular chains

    4. Loading of crossed muscular chains

    5. Dynamic Leverage Points

    1. Stability and Simulation of Play – With Load

    2. Amplifying Specific Response Circuits

    3. Amplified Instability

    4. Complete Gesture

    1. Summary

    2. Waff Course Assessments

    3. Assessments: Level One Golf

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